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29er bike or frame

By Bernd - Posted on 19 February 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

29er expert's, what do u think of the following:
like it a lot....! about $ 1350 (Carlgroover is this the one u got?) about $ 960 $ 600 about $ 2800

Hey bernd, You should be able to find the xxix for a lot cheaper than that, they were $1350 NZ when you could get one 12months ago. I would say if you are sold on that bike go to an Avanti dealer and they should be able to source one for you.... There are quite a few 29er single speed options out there in that price range. ride a few first and see what feels the best.

My other 29er is a BeOne Creed but different year and completely different build, mine has Juicy 3 brakes, a Rockshox Tora fork all quite cheap but works fine, it is a bit heavy but I didn't buy it to race.
I'm happy with it and you're welcome to ride mine

John and Gav, I'm just looking and "thinking"!!!!!!

Buy a Karate Monkey. You can get it complete, ready to roll, as a single.
Or you can gently stroll down the custom path.
Also, Avanti have a KISS 29 which is a rigid singlespeed, 4130 chromo and are pretty cool too.

You will get more value out of a whole bike my favourites are the Kona Unit, Avanti K.I.S.S 29 or a Redline Monocog Flight 29 all good value and that front fork you have will fit any of them nicely.

If you are looking for a nicer frame have a look at Niner bikes they are the next level up and have a couple of single speed options in steel or alloy the Australian suplier is .

everyone for there coments and help, I may get one of these 29er at some stage soon/soonish....
ohh another nice one!!

I really like my Surly to commute on but if I was to ever get into SS off road I'd buy one complete, either another KM (about $2500)or a KISS 29. ($1800)
The spec is rather ordinary so one must customize to finalise personal taste, yet it's still better value to start with a complete bike.
No matter what you get buy it in a local shop. Your FAT my very well be unique and I realise you visit Germany often yet whole bikes are best bought here at home.

Check out these - pricing is pretty good and i have the 26 inch version

Check out the Swift


The Spot Rocker 29er[singleID]=933

I think you will find Bernd has already made the perfect choice with his Jabberwocky.

Very Cool SS Frame

He has


Dates. Doh
something funny was happening yesterday with old posts

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