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Upper North shore Jim's Mowing franchise for sale.

By Morgan - Posted on 11 March 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

OK-so the link to Nobmob is a) I'm a MTB rider, b) my wife has just got a job in Canberra, the MTB capital of Australia, and strangely enough I want to be with her and c) you never know who is looking at the site and might be interested in my business.

Before I move I have to reluctantly sell my franchise so rather than put stuff up here that nobody might read or make sense of, if you have a few spare $xx,000, are maybe of thinking of a career change and are the least bit interested in finding out how good it is to own a (and in particular, my) Jim's Mowing franchise, give me a call.

My contact details are in my profile.

Cheers! Morgan.


Hey Morgan, it never rains in Canberra so the grass never grows and the lawns are all dust bowls - you may need to find a new occupation.

At least we will all be sorted for a place to stay on the Canberra weekends - make sure you buy a house with room for 30+ guests, secure bike storage and understanding neighbours.

And don't even think about leaving us without a proper farewell - sob, sob! Oh, and you have to find a replacement, I can't possibly ride without your verbal abuse Smiling

we're losing our official GNR guide Sad
But I will need an ACT guide Smiling

Good luck!


we are losing two in such a short time...not happy at all.

Can you pm me some vague details, i have someone who has said they would like a career change into never know!

Not so much as "losing two" as it is expanding NOBMOB's reach into known and established cycling mecca's.

accommodation to boot - even if we have to camp in their gardens!!

I just got back from Canberra today, enjoy the dust!

Dusto-meter Readings: Sparrow Hill 4mm, Majura Pines 8mm, Stromlo 15mm

The girls there have great [bike] racks! Must be something in the water (i mean dust).

We will come to visit you, you can't get away that easily, I will continue to annoy you!

My 'er indoors was made redundant in October and had 2 interviews in Sydney in 4 months. She saw a decent looking job advertised in Canberra and we looked at the implications and said-why the heck not? She ended up applying for 4 jobs in a week, got 3 interviews, 2 went to reference stage & she got the original job she wanted & applied for. With all the negative talk around the job market at the moment, the government ain't a bad place to plonk yerself to ride out the next couple of years (although I'm geeing her up to aim for her long service leave because I know I'll be wanting to ride the trails down there for at least 10 years!).

Anyhow, she goes down in a week and a half & I follow when I've sold the business - 3 months hopefully. I have to say that I'm looking forward to my varied leisure options down there - I feel like I've done enough sandstone for the moment! Once we move out of our rented 1 bed apartment we'll start thinking about where to put up 25 stinking mountain bike riders, but for the moment I'm just trying to work out where to put a 6ft high bike...

So am I to understand that Morgans' Mrs is now the new GM of Mt Stromlo Forest Park? How cool is that?

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