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By GAZZA - Posted on 12 March 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

where you moving to mate?


A move to the fine suburb of Menai.

Wentworth Falls at the foot of the upper Blue Mountains (read snow)
Apparently the water there turns you into a roid boy
So I need to drink sh** loads of the stuff

I have a lot of exploring to do when I get there
I've never even ridden the Oaks
And I live on the train station side with the Grose Valley either side of the road
And trails leading off in every direction (all very much downwards though)
Within 5 minutes of my door
I was even told there is a trail nearby where walkers must give way to MTB'ers

I'll be travelling to Sydney every 6-8 weeks to ride and meet up with the Nobmob crew,
see bands. That type of thing. The quiet will take a bit of getting used to
So will need to get a bit of noise occasionally
I'm a bit nervous, having lived in the city all my life
But I love the bush, and it was either a dog box unit in Manly Vale
Or a 3 bedroom bush property in WF for the same money

BTW, we have 2 spare self contained bedrooms - very private
at the front of the house. Especially for people to come and stay.
All are welcome.

I leave in 5 weeks from tomorrow

having a farwell ride/drink then? You know, you have to keep riding with us, you are too fun not to!

so much about a farewell drink, have a really huge house warming Eye-wink
It's great to have you coming up here Andy, we'll knock you into shape in no time with all the hills we'll get you on up here Smiling

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