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CRC order Pt 2

By craigs - Posted on 18 March 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have an order in the pipeline for the next day or two with a bit of capacity.
Get em in fast.
The process will be first in till the limit is reached. About $300.

I have about $300 worth of stuff I need to order.
Let me know if there is still room.

I have about $100 worth, perhaps a touch less.

Are you still looking?

Bruce and Dylan, PM me your stuff and will work it out.

Have sent you a email

same for me.

Thanks Craig

quite outstanding really.
I'll double check the numbers and exchange rates and advise.

Seems that CRC are directing people to paypal. I was not able to check out with traditional methods...


I'll be able to pass by Chatswood area Sunday if an urgent collection is required.
If not Sunday will work something out during the week or at the Mont.


Thanks Craig

I am racing this Sunday so will speak with you next week to arrange a time/place.

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