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Manly and snakes

By don - Posted on 19 March 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Is anyone seeing snakes up around the Manly loop? I've seen 2 big browns in the last few months, 1 up around Allambie and 1 right on the Wakehurst corner. Also a Red Belly just up above Heartbreak Hill.

Me and a mate had a realy close call with one B A Brown on the Allambie side late last year, Manly Dam is pretty renowned for both Brown and Red Bellys. Carry appropriate gear.

what do you mean with appropriate gear?

I always carry a tiny first aid kit since doing a first aid course, I'm from the UK and I'm terrified of snakes. At least take a compression bandage and a triangular bandage.

If you get bitten, from what I remember, and correct me anyone if I get this wrong:

1a) Ask consent of the patient
1) Stop patient moving
2) Sit patient down with heart higher than the wound,
3) Call 112 (from a mobile)
4) wrap the entire limb with the bandage and don't move anything.
5) Patient will probably go into shock so will get cold, wrap up warm in whatever you have and keep them calm till help arrives.

Do not apply a tourniquet
Do not wash the wound
Do not get a mate to suck out the poison (unless he's really not your mate)

Pretty good Dylan. What Dylan is describing is the pressure immobilisation method.

I guess following the DRABC thing. First thing is to check the snake is no longer a threat to you or the patient. No point getting two people bitten!
With the bandage we were taught to start over the wound with a crepe bandage and wrap firmly down to the end of the limb and then back up. You should also check that it is not too tight by squeezing the nails to check capillary refill. Then immobilise the limb. For an arm this would be a sling. For a leg a splint maybe done if time permits.

For spiders I believe the PIM is only used for funnel webs. Not red backs.

It's been a while since the last Army first aid refresher but I believe the above is pretty accurate.

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