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Place your Tee order here

By Rob - Posted on 06 April 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm thinking it's time for another tee shirt order as I don't have one any more and was rather jealous of those wearing them on the weekend.

In case you forget, tees look like this:

Final Tee Design

Only we will have the spelling mistake on the back corrected! Ahem Eye-wink

Price will be $20.30 each (so long as we get at least 20 orders) which is a couple bucks cheaper than last time. Woooooow.

Click on the image for sizing, etc. as per other order.

So... comment here with your order and will set up another running total.

Update: I thought that Scody were selling Aussie made shirts as their jerseys are, but have just learnt that this is not the case. The above price is for Chinese shirts. Scody can supply Aussie made that would cost over 30 bucks more a shirt! Now, this is a lot so am searching for another supplier and am hopefully for a good price on Aussie made. Hopefully can find something that won't be that much more and we can support the locals. After all - K.Rudd has either just given you 900 bucks to boost our economy or you earn so much you shouldn't care!

Update: After a bit of searching it would seem we can have Certton tees for only 5 bucks more, so I'd like to go with option if everyone is agreeable. If you read their blurb these tees are sewn in Sydney from fabric spun in Australia, using locally grown or sometimes imported cotton. Given the majority of the work is local (and depending other factors??? the cotton would be too), think I can maybe live with this. How about anyone else?

You can view styles and colours here, and on the plus side, they offer women's fit and, yes, pink!

Update: Here's what it might look like in a number of Certton colours that should work. Note sure about black or sky blue but like the chocolate and pink Eye-wink

NoBMoB t-shirt variations - Pale Pink NoBMoB t-shirt variations - Chocolate NoBMoB t-shirt variations - Sky Blue NoBMoB t-shirt variations - Black NoBMoB t-shirt variations - Grey Marle

Update: Erm... this forum isn't going to work for numbers so have created a Google Sheet with full public access. See here:

Rob, only white again or will there be any choice of colours?

Put me down for 2 in medium.

I hate to admit it, but yes, there are colour choices, but we have to have 10 of the same colour and colours will be approx. $4 more as a white screen has to be laid down to prevent bleeding.

Can post a link to the colours later, but getting the choices sorted will be mayhem so be careful what you wish for! Eye-wink

I'll have 2.

Will let you know the size once I've checked it on the chart. I think small should do, though.

I'll go 2 as well can sort colours later if it all fits

Because 100 cm (39.4in) for a small t-shirt is pretty big.....

1 x S
1 X M


I'm having an each-way bet.

I would be up for a couple in different colours. Also, like Andy said, those sizes look a bit out. One last thing, is this a slim fit or normal fit? You've gotta love these group orders Eye-wink

I have to agree - the sizing is massive. I just measured myself and even XS will be pretty loose.

Do they do girl's fit?

I reckon i would be a Medium and would love one thanks, and if you need the extra orders i will take two.

How do i pay?

Love this website guys and more than happy to promote it.


I am pikeys dorter' I wub like to ask you if we can have a hot pink nobmob shert



I'll go a medium, thanks Rob.
I'd take any colour other than white if it became available... how about some sort of pale browny sandy earthy colour, to hide the dirt? (if not - then white to... show off the dirt)

Looking back at the original thread it seems I ordered one but never picked it up!

So let's try again. 1 medium thanks


1 x XS please for me. White will be fine for me or black or yellow or red or green or blue...

Rob could I please order 2 colours would be good

With the new suppliers options

Put me down for 2 x Medium please. And one Kids 84 cm size for an 8 year old if possible.

I am happy with a majority rules decision of either white, green tea or pacific blue (assuming my monitor is anywhere close to correct).


2 medium please, thanks.

1 x Medium
1 x Large

thanks Smiling

Rob, are these plain cotton t-shirts or are they more of a riding style shirt?

One small, one medium, and one large, and one extra extra large

And i agree , colour would be good too . Options are ???

They will be 100% cotton tee. When I get colour options will post another thread where we can discuss that.

1 x XXXL would be lovely.


Hey Rob two more please 1 XS and 1 med.

In that case,

1 x L.



I'm up for 1 XL earthy Brown (slob proof)

You'll find most 'True Blue' companies that offer 'attractive' prices on printed shirts acquire their product offshore and do the silk screening/digital printing etc. locally. Some even try to pass that off as "Aussie Made"...

it's 100% Aussie made
One size L thanks

1 x large please

Only if its made by Pacific Brands....

oh wait...

PS - anyone want to put in a Chain Reaction or Jenson's order? I'm thinking of getting some Shimano, SRAM, Mavic, DT Swiss, Ritchey, Manitou, Maxxis, Raceface, ODI and Hayes stuff. Plus I might get a new bike-either a Giant, Specialized, Cannondale or Trek.

BUT- My T-shirt MUST be made in Australia!


Hi Rob,

Can you get me 2x Medium please. Ta....Bart

2 x L, 1 x M please.

Yeah - it's ironic that we order our parts O/S and I figure it's worth looking for Aussie shirts. But bear with it. It's not like you can get many bike parts manufactured here, whereas I do find some tees that are. I know a mate who had a bash at an all Aussie clothing label a while back, and although he never made a killing showed it could be done. So yeah, let's see what happens 'cos at least they still make cotton here and can stitch it together it seems.

2x medium for me, thanks. White is o.k, but also interested if other colours available.

2x medium for me, thanks!

thks. Happy with white.

2 x L (what ever colour)
1 x S (Pink)



The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

If sizing is the same as last time.
Thanks Rob.
ps. blue would be nice Eye-wink

one x xl thanks bri.

2 x L, 1 x XS, please.

Any colour. Eye-wink

Thx, Hans
Happiness is a warm shock.

That's ONE more to my order.

Total for me = x2 XS

and a small for me please
1xL 1xS

So, with the choice of colours do we have a choice? Based on price I also assume you are referring to the Mens/Womens Fitted Organic Tee and if this is the case then everyone will need to adjust their size ordered as the sizing is different.

Given the update here is my adjusted order.

Both, Mens Fitted Organic Tee
1 x Sky Blue Medium (101cm)
1 x Pale Pink Medium (101cm)

Before we all go mad with colours, you have to remember what will get printed on these.

Standard tee is white with black + site red print.

If you want another tee colour, that's cool, but what colour will the print be?

Plus, we need 10 of any one print colour to make it work.

From the colour options available
I'd vote for sky blue. Happy to up my order to 2 x medium to get numbers up for this colour.

On the colours, note that the Classic tee is 190gsm and the Fashion is 140gsm. More colours and styles in fashion, but it is thinner cotton. Which you might like? But personally I'd be going the classic in white or Pacific Blue. Possibly some black.

Personally I have no idea what gsm my current shirts are but I have both light and heavy cotton ones and like both. As for colours I like Pacific Blue or Chocolate. I would also rather not have white as its too hard to keep them white and generally not good for the environment to do so.
That is of course unless someone can recommend an environmentally friendly way to keep them white, maybe another that's another topic Eye-wink

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