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Presta Tubes in Schraeder Rims????

By unclebullbar - Posted on 07 April 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Thanks to Uncle Kevin, I just picked up my new CHARGE DUSTER Single Speed for my daily commute. When I went to put my slicks on it last night, I was suprised to see that it used SCHRAEDER VALVES. I recently bought a 10 pack of tubes with PRESTA VALVES, and really don't want to buy any more. Is it safe to use PRESTA VALVES with the larger SCHRAEDER hole? If not, is there anything I can do to make it safer?

You can get plastic sleeves at the LBS that fill out the hole. No problems.

Show us a pic of the SS son!


The plastic sleeves mentioned here are known as 'presta rim savers' and are best when made from alloy. Most high end rims will have them already fitted and they'd be removed in order to use a shraeder valve.
Since you need them, stroll into your favourite bike shop and ask for a pair which should cost less than a tenner. If the staff look at you blankly, tell them it's a Wheels Manufacturing product and comes from SCV Imports and are in the current catalogue.
Just so you know, Wheels Manufacturing make lots of handy stuff like RD tips and fasteners for stems, braze-ons, chain ring bolts etc for when yours look untidy/get lost.
If you have trouble getting them fear not, I have plenty at work at $9.95 a pair.

Thanks Pete. I'll ask them on Saturday if they have any, otherwise, I might try and get some off you.

And as requested, I've posted a pic of the new ride, just have to wait now approval [Ed. approved].

Charge Duster SS pic


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