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24hr solo supporter?

By Supagav - Posted on 16 April 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Guess who?


By the size of the thighs and the ever present beer I'd say it's Christine

When you say "size" Paul you are referring to how slender and shapely they are, right?

Yes, John you are correct. If I said anything else I would be living Dangerseanly

Now John don't put words into my mouth, besides tracky dacks are not flattering.

I have nothing to say Paul.Shocked

Denial denial denial!!!!!
I had three beers ALL WEEKEND ... and they were German ones...

....Bier von Deutschland!! YES........

Why are you wearing a Carlton Draught jacket and holding a Tooheys New then?

very cold and i wasn't drinking - HONESTLY!!!

Had they waited a bit longer I was wrapped up in a sleeping bag as well - it was freezing - I ended up with six layers of clothes and the sleeping bag!

I now hold George personally responsible for the cold I have got right now!

I recognise the p*$$ in her water bottle!

(Er, that was a joke-I actually don't know that detail. I haven't even seen her water bottle before..)

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