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Update on Tees

By Rob - Posted on 05 May 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

A quick update on tees.

Well, the order is a little complicated but have now got some pricing and they are all under 30 bucks (even the LS), for tee without a back print think it will be 23-ish.

There is a slight problem though in that not everyone filled in the colours for the print. And I think some people can't possibly want what I think they have put in the print.

For example, the vast majority of people who wanted chocolate shirt have asked for red/black print, which will look nice. Some have asked for red/white and some for even blue/white. On chocolate - yerch!

Some people have asked for blue/black print on a pink tee. What are you thinking!? Sticking out tongue

Shirt Description (classic pink, black, blue)

Looks far better with red fill if you ask me:

Shirt Description (classic pink, black, red)

The trouble is - there is no accounting for taste. Can I treat bad taste as errors and only use these combos:

Black shirt: white/red/blue
Chocolate shirt: black/red
Grey shirt: black/white/red/blue
Natural shirt: Only one request without colours - you'll get red/black Sticking out tongue
Pink: black/red
Blue: black/red
White: black/red/blue

This will make things soooo much easier - less chance of error and possibly slightly cheaper.

Sorry, but it's all a bit stressful! Sad

So are we good with the 'normal' colour options?

I'm sure I opted for blue/red, as I thought the blue would be a dark blue, similar to black (looks almost like the black/red version above).

I agree the blue/black option looks yuk.

Happy to go with the black/red option if dark blue/red is not possible.


Will keep us looking more like one group than just some rabble, if you ask me.

Rob, you need to rule with an iron hand.

I'm with you on this one.

I could be one of the guildy ones

yes please drop the blue off the pinks as you noted.



The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

I stand by my choices mate!!

Chocolate: Blue/White
Pink: Red/Black
Sky Blue: Red/Black

Laughing out loud

Your tastes don't necessarily translate to everyone!!


your standard "chocolate with red and black text" may not turn out as "nice" as you think if the black cant be seen against the dark brown......

Loz, so you want this:

Shirt Description (classic chocolate, white, blue)

I see DavisJnr wants the same - right?

thats right Smiling

I must admit though, I wouldn't call that "Chocolate" per se, but yeah, I like that.

Its almost just a grey hey?

Thanks Smiling

This looks alright.

Rob, I cannot open the spreadsheet from work, so not sure what I have ordered. But can I change my chocolate to Lozza's option?

Will check and update spreadsheet at the weekend Smiling


No more updates yourselves... as not everyone was filling it in completely anyhow. Sticking out tongue

Now we used that to get the overall gist of things I will be putting up a list with mock up of colours so everyone can see what they (think) they ordered.

Anke is now down for Chocolate, Long Sleeve, Blue/White, Classic, No back print. Pale Pink, V-Neck, Red/Black, Classic, No back print. Both small.

Any more updates - email me!

Mate i'm still on for all my colour schemes, i rate the combo colours pretty highly

As it Really seems to fit this group ??!!!

FWIW i am happy with the Blue: black/red you have listed and i think i remember what my choice was too

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