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Studio for lease for 2 months in Kings Cross.

By PIVOT MACH 5 - Posted on 20 May 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

As some of you may know i'm off to Germany from June 16th until August 16th.
I would like to sublet my large studio on bayswater rd and all i ask is enough to cover the rent whilst im away. 10G adsl internet is free, as is power, water, phone (local calls).nothing else to pay.
i have two bikes and there is plenty of room for them. theres even a hook in the back corner for one to hang on. now thats thinking!

Furnished with queen size bed, tv, couch etc .
Separate bathroom with large shower box (no bath) and separate kitchen.
I also have a CycleOps fluid trainer that will stay and is welcome to be used.although not while the bike is hanging on the wall!
PM me or call my mobile if you have any questions or know someone who is trustworthy and may be interested.
Please note i have posted this on GumTree and have had a few responses. i would prefer a local Sydney sider and not just a traveller.
Thanks ,Darren.


This should be a classified Sticking out tongue

But its not classified information ! Eye-wink

Can I lease it by the hour?

Roger Roger

Beany would be the one to want to lease it. I'm sure he could make more money than it cost and its only a short stroll from "The Wall"

Ha ha ha who would pay him - Beany would only need to lease it in 5 minute lots and only once a fortnight if he was lucky.

He is all bluster and bravado and spends his days daydreaming. Now I'm a man of action Old Fart grrrrrr.

Roger Roger

That hook sounds useful for some special Kings Cross PVC cuddles.

Thank you to all the above(not Rob) who have very witty and sexually motivated comments about my apartment for lease. you have shown all of NoBMoB what type of people you really are. and now i can see why your profiles are just made up names with no real information at all.
Morgan, yes you may bring your gimp. as long as you pay the rent i dont mind what you do.

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