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Sparrow Hill Three Hour race

By Bikeboy - Posted on 24 May 2009

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Saturday, 27 June, 2009 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Sparrow Hill
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Coming from Sydney, drive into Queenbeyan, turn left at the roundabout where Red Rooster is and stay on this road for about 11km. Park on the side of the road where the gate is. For better directions try this link CORC: Events: Race Venues.

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3 Hour XC race-Sparrow Hill-Saturdaty 27 June
Posted: Sunday, 24 May 2009

CORC will be running a THREE HOUR XC race at Sparrow Hill on SATURDAY 27 June. Midday start, entry registration between 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM on the day at the venue.The event will be open to SOLO riders & teams of 2 - same sex or mixed; Race entry $20 to members of all MTBA affiliated clubs , non members can purchase a $15 Day Licence on the day at rego. Riders 15 yrs & under ( on race day ) must ride in a team of 2, which may consist of another Junior rider or an adult. Race entry fee for riders 15 yrs & under is $10. Further details closer to race date. Sunday 28 was the preferred date, but the forest has already been booked for a MTBO event on that date. There will be no trophies awarded for this event – just the fun & glory of a good time on your bike.

Who's in?
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Bikeboy Three hour slog in the Jungle forest Finished 03:06:47 170 48

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love it. Hopefully by then end of June I'll be able to sustain 3 hours on the bike???

On one of my Sparrow rides and you will be fine .... ha ha , just take it easy and have fun , there are no sheep stations to be won just a heap of fun on awsome trails and if you get tired stop for a minute
Glad you can make it

If I get back from my trip OS in time I'll be there

Sounds like a good day trip from Sydney to me.

Cruise down, race, then back to sydney in time for Saturday night drinks.....


We may do a 'father & son' team on the 3 hr race...Benji is consistently faster then me... and fearless! Eye-wink

See you there! Sparrow rocks!

Serious! Team Big Test Icicles... Damn...the race minimum age is 14...!

Rgds, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

....The problem with this idea is that when the unfit one of you gets tired and had enough
poor Benji is going to have to finish the race on his own Eye-wink


Hi - just a heads up, the next mtnbike trip will be heading south that same weekend, if you want to jump on board 'the bus' and make a weekend of it let me know, costs are all inclusive transport/meals/accom, a one time offer (no steak knives) of $220. drop me a line coz i'm definitely going:)

Will Levy

That could be a lot of fun.
Only issue is getting there from Thornleigh..


Hey Evan - St Ives aka Snives is a tad closer that Sparrow:)

Will Levy

Chuck the bike in the car , get on the M2 , Follow to M7 , then M5 /Hume Hwy to Sutton Rd ..Left at Yass Rd follow to red rooster turn left , drive for 11.5 k park ....then have a blast racing /riding the best trails around . Then either laugh at performance or just laugh from the sheer joy of riding here there, no excuse sunshine.......

it easy:)
Will Levy

Chuck the bike in Wills bus , Sleep the whole way down , meet other nobs for a coffee and then race your butt off

No car is the problem and I need to be back for Sunday.
Anyway, something might pan out by then.


Hmm - train to Gordon? could collect you from there on the morning? special offer:) then again if you need to be back by Sunday that causes a little drama. We'd be back later in the evening.
PS definitely sleep on bus or you can keep me awake with tails from afar

Will Levy

Thanks for the offer Will.

Very tempted to join one of your Canberra tours at some stage.

good to see a few NobMober's coming along to ride the 3 Hour at Sparrow? Do any of you want to make a weekend out of it? I've still got a few slots on the 'test bunny' run. Leaving Sat morning and coming back Sunday nite, all costs covered bar coffee, race entry and beer:)
Cheers -
Will Levy

Hey mate, so which nobmobbers are you taking down so I can keep my eye out for you guys Smiling

danger - unfort no nobmobers are coming along ... it must be b.c i scum it once in a while:)
Will Levy

The three hour at Sparrow Hill on the weekend was awesome! Over 250 people raced - so it was a pretty big event.
Nice 8 km track, lots of pines, not too cold, and not much mud (unlike most tracks around Sydney lately...).
Most amazingly were that overall results were up within seconds and all lap times etc up on their site by that night! CORC definitely have an awesome timing system going on.

Well worth the trip down for anyone thinking of going next time there's a three hour on. The 12pm start makes a day trip from Sydney easy.

The 25 minute trip back to Barton was a nightmare, I can tell you!

I've never been on most of that track and it was brilliant. Except the bits that went up; by lap 5 I was only enjoying the last k or so of swooping singletrack (mostly down!) back to the timing tent.

The highlight of the day was that Dangersean didn't lap me. The POOF!

amazing how well organised those CORC's ladies/fella's are! there is going to be a few pix of the race and riders up in a few minutes. hats off to all the riders who are just so courteous down there! they talk of more of these adventures/rides coming up so it is a fantastic way to see the trails of Canb!

Will Levy

Bit "old news" now - but if you missed them, the photos were put up on

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