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Highland Fling NoBMoB Group Attendance

By pikey - Posted on 10 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

With only 4 weeks to go I for one have been quite slack.

I’m yet to enter or book accommodation.

Can all those either booked or about to let each other know what their doing, both distance and accommodation?
We are a group after all Smiling

Last year we stayed at the Bundanoon Hotel but it was a bit noisy at our end of the pub, but the hot shower after was nice.
Christine suggested tents, which I'm ok with as it was across the road from the event.

Let's get a group list going.

I’m not back riding until the first week of Nov. Good training I know. (Bloody Social Calendar)

Catch Ya's


I haven't entered yet either! Planning to though!
Will says he is coming (hmmm!) and although we thought we may camp I have to admit that I have emailed a house in Moss Vale...Will said he would prefer a proper bed, plus if, for some supremely obscure reason, Sean decided to come down there is simply no way I could get him to camp - it sure aint his thing!
It's fifteen mins drive from Moss Vale...Shall look around but would help if I had any idea of numbers and preferred areas to stay...

As of last Friday a bit over 900 of the 1100 places available had been sold.


I,m going to book tomorrow

If you find accomodation and need numbers I'm in.

Don't as yet know what Justin and Liz are doing.

Craig, Leigh you guys up for it again this year?

Catch Ya's


Hi There,

I am only a part time NOBMOBer, but I am going down to camp at the fling. We camped last year and it was pretty easy, there is a huge flat polo field and all the tents were laid in neat rows, - no need to try and find a flat patch like at the dirtworks. It was pretty nippy tough, and I though I was dreaming when I was awoken by the bagpipe player piping in the dawn across the misty field.

I recommend camping, for a start it's only for one night, and secondly the atmosphere and camaraderie great.

Last year I did the 50k in just under 4 hours, this year I am doing the whole thing as I want to make the most of the day out.



Hi Dave,

If Christines house option falls through then I'm up for the camping option.

Will keep in touch


Hi Greg,

I havent entered but surely could with some persuasion.
I am feeling very fit at the moment and planning "the epic" in preparation for the fling. It would be great to catch up and have a chat about logistics and the final four weeks of training and ENTER of course. I have the van which can sleep two if need be but happy with whatever the crowd thinks.

I hope to beat last years time by a fair margin.....better preparation.
Plenty of food!!! Didnt eat enough last year.

I have been training very hard the last few weeks and am feeling very tired so think that a week off will do me good. Rob enhiliated me last weekend on a very hot mystery tour to the bottom of the valley at Oxford Falls.. another steep climb to nowhere. Saw some species down there that were rumoured to be extinct!
I cant make Sunday unfortunately but will catch up soon.

Well, much to my horror I have entered...god, wish I was like Craig and happy with fitness, shall have to pedal like mad now...I am suffering nerves already - how sad.
Anyway, Greg and Craig...get on the case, they have now got 1000 (and one) entries!!
I am now on a renewed mission for accommodation - the horse float my be a good option hey!!

MEEE Smiling

Hi all

my hubby and I found a place in bundanoon that looks great for flingers. Its called Inverard and its $300 a night (or something) for the whole house. It has 5 bouble bedrooms so it might be an idea if there is a group of people who want to share the cost. We have ended up booking a place just of out of town as we had to find a dog friendly place.

You can find more details by googling Inverard at Bundanoon or email Pam Davies

Hope tis helps. See you all there!

Wimped and did the half a fling though.

Or shall we all camp? I am happy to camp.

I have emailed a few houses including Celias ...fingers crossed - as they are all recommending I try another one! However, until the fat lady sings...
Will entered yesterday too and so did Craig (and you know Greg did).
I am happy to camp if we can't find a house...

MEEEE Smiling

ps what about Liz?

Ok 3 training weekends to go folks....
Anyone that is keen to put in some time in the saddle, I am getting inspired.

My plan is for planned Saturdays and adhoc rides on Sundays and mid week:

Sat 21st Big Ride early start
Sat 28th Big Ride early start
Sat 4th Smaller ride to taper down

Not planning too much the week prior, want to rest up and make sure the body is ready.

Lessons learned from last year...nutrition!! Must eat more during the day.



OK! one of the many houses I emailed has had a cancellation - it's $695 for two nights for six people - five double bedrooms...
She will hold it for me until tomorrow morning but has had other enquiries - in fact, I believe it's the place Celia recommended looking at the email address...
Well? $116 each for two nights - anyone in?

MEEE Smiling

ps i was thinking, would the notice if we had matresses on the floor as well...

Well, i have cruised about on the net and it does seem to be Celias house - here is the link I found if anyone wants to look at it - it's right in Bundanoon...

Wouldn't we only be there the saturday night for the fling on sunday?

It seems that all the accommodation down there is for two night only - I would imagine it's Friday/Saturday but shall email and make sure...
They are like the Hunter Valley - minimum two nights everywhere!

MEE Smiling

the place looks nice and if you can only get the two nights so be it - it is very cold in the mornings there and this will be warmer than the tent Smiling

there is a short course race on Sat and you can register on sat afternoon too so it is well worth going down on the friday night. We did it last year and it made the weekend much funerer.... This year we are staying 3 nights!


$116ea for two nights is ok with me. I'd quite like to go down Friday.
Mattresses will be fine I am sure. I have a blow up and could possibly bring a real mattress for someone..
I will be bringing 1 and maybe 2 others as our support crew if we have room or can swindle the blow up...


depends on number of people - it goes like this:

$695 (6 persons/2 nights)
$895 (8 persons/2 nights)
$950 (10 persons/2 nights)

So we are looking at somewhere between $115 / person to $95 person if we get 10.

If we get less then it's just going to have to be divided between whoever turns up - I'll pay for two nights even though I will probably come down on Saturday lunchtime.

sorry, had computer problems - will ring and let her know we would like the house then - she actually said we can have either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday...
Craig said he would like Friday - what do you all think...?

MEEE Smiling

I think they will notice if you bring spare matresses as they live next door (less than a minutes walk away).
Still pretty good value... not that I'm stayng there.


under cover of darkness... lol

What's the roster for the house?

Celia are you sure they won't have such a well behaved dog as yours?

Info from Wild Horizons this morning...

We've reached the entry limit of 1100 riders so entries for this years Fling are now closed...

So you can stop trying to talk me into driving down at 4am now Sticking out tongue

I'm still for a training session down in Wingello the weekend before (Nov 4/5) if anyone else is.

maybe not!! Will entered twice by accident (don't ask!) - he is trying to get his mate Adam to do the ride...Adam has no bike so maybe there might be a spot for a 50k person...
hee hee

Just a short note to all Flingers and Half Flingers, actually 58k is slightly more than half Flingers but anyway, to wish you the best of luck for the big weekend, I'm sure all the hard work will pay off, and not be undone by too many sherbies Saturday night. Have fun and take lots of pics.

Don't forget prep is the key to success, including bike prep, so if your after a bike work stand to take down for last minute tune ups look here Shameless advertising I know but I gotta plug it somewhere.

Good luck and happy trails


For those in the Fling loop.

I'm pulling out.
Not for me, my tests came back ok (slight high cholesterol).
However the doctor said the suspect reason for my chest pain, short breath and near fainting, could have been a muscle spasm due to my over use of hi carbs (GU) That’s bad as my plan for the fling was to take shit loads of GU.

My primary reason for pulling out was that my wife worried so much about me that she has real heart pains and thus is now wearing a portable heart monitor.

Good luck to all heading down for the race.

Christine, I have asked if you could pick up my T-shirt and Map. Ill text you their response.



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