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Bicycle Safety Lights - Ebay

By Buck - Posted on 11 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I was looking at getting some front and rear safety LEDs lights for my bike in case I want to ride on the road after dark. Prices in bike stores seem quite high....over $30 for just a red tail lamp.

I see lots of stuff on Ebay for less than $10 AUD for front and rear lights! For example in the below link.....I've seen Jaycar selling the exact same front light for $30 AUD. Has anyone got these lights? Or is it really worth forking out for the fancier stuff in bike shops?


At coles the other night doing the grocery shopping and say a similar set up, but from memory a 9 led front light in an aluminium body for $19. Your looking at $14 for something youv'e got no chance of doing anything about if its a dud, broken or just doesn't do what it says. I think I know where I'd be keeping my money.

At Big W Macquarie today. They had a halogen / led front light with a rear light for $24, halogen set up only was $20, give or take a few bucks. Also several front and rear options for around the $20 mark. Now none of these may be any good for off road, although we did ride partially the other night with no lights, but I think they would all serve your purpose of being seen on the road.

Also keep an eye on Torpedo7, had lights going on special recently that do the job more than adequately.

If you can stretch the budget a couple of us are tinkering with high powered led lights that will kill any trail and should do this for under $100. Pikey already has the mega beam 50 going which he made himself, again under the hundred dollar mark for something which is incredibly bright. Down side here is none of them will let you be seen from behind although I'm sure if the right people see this post they might turn their electronics prowess to building a cheap rear flasher, although to be honest you probably can't build anything cheaper than the above options.

Good luck mate, stretch the budget if you can so you can join us on the trails at night with confidence.


Thanks Stuart. I will check out your suggestions next time I head down to Macquarie.

As for a night ride....I would love to do one in the future when I get a little more competent! Total newb here at the moment so bit more practice and I'm sure I'd be up for it.

Yep read your thread about the home made lights. Look great. Also read about your batteries. You are right about the Lithium Polymer batteries. My friend flies a helicopter down at Oxford Falls. He tells me it's possible for them to blow up so most people take care when charging so as not to burn their house down! They are nice and light weight though

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