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Need help - Manitou Swinger 3-way Shock

By hawkeye - Posted on 14 June 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Guys, sorry this is a bit of a blast from the past. I'm wondering if you could cast your memories back.

I've picked up a Manitou Swinger 3-way secondhand for my 2004/5 Jekyll 800. Currently fitted with a Fox float RL. I've not yet mounted it to the bike.

The Swinger looks fine, but the rebound knob leaks oil when I turn it up to 100%. When I turn it back it seems to stop. I turned it up to 100% to work out how many clicks back it was set. The amount leaked would probably cover about 6mm (1/4") square or so. Given that you're likely to do this to check settings occasionally, is this something to worry about or not? ie, send it back or keep it?

What are the local Manitou reps like with servicing older kit?

This is interesting, how did you get one with the threaded barrel to fit a Jekyll?

Erm... sorry though don't know anything about the leak Sad

Dirt Works are the Manitou importers now and are pretty much the field leader in shock servicing. not sure if they have stock on hand to do the older stuff so talk to your LBS and they'll be able to find out.

Well I can't complain, the fleaBay seller (a Tas bike shop) just refunded my money excluding postage and said "keep the shock and decide what to do with it yourself", so I may do that. He quoted $100 to get it serviced by DW depending on bike shop margin, so it may well be worthwhile.

Thanks for your help, guys.

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