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rear shock upgrade on 05 specialized enduro

By mikkiguns101 - Posted on 20 June 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys ive got an 05 specialized enduro elite fsr and im looking to upgrade the rear shock for something a little less bobby, im currently running a 5th element air progressive that came with the bike. would a fox rp23 or a specialized brain be the go? im not sure as ive heard it can upset the fsr rear end characteristics anyone in the know love to hear from you thanks..

It isn't possible to purchase a Specialized made AFR shock with Brain for any model Enduro, so let's can that option straight up.
As for whom ever claimed that any shock other than the OE unit would upset the FSR characteristics is foolish and incorrect. Perhaps the OE shock was tuned for the bikes telemetry when new, however four years on an RP23 will out perform it. Plus a 2010 version, available pretty soon, will be even better and it has one of the best compression curves of any air shock in the market, so good it's almost not a curve.
The bobby nature you speak of is possibly due to poor set up, yet your four year old shock will probably be stuffed. Time to move on.
Get the 2010 RP23. And nice new reducers etc. Ride forever in happiness...

I run an Enduro Specific DHX 5.0 Air on my 06 Enduro. Although the lack of a boost valve sort of makes it as one person put it a DHX 4.5. It's taken a lot of reading, fiddling and fine tuning, but I've got my shock running pretty nicely. It's got a good amount of sag, although I'd like it to be a bit more plush on the smaller stuff. But my weight needs the extra pressure so I can't go any lower without introducing more sag. I also run the high BB shock mount as I run 170mm 66SL's on the front. So I can't run the standard 5.0 Air as it won't fit.

It's a great shock, but the lack of the small can adjustment makes it quite saggy, requiring alot higher pressures compared to a standard 5.0. If you run a standard 5.0, it will only allow you to run the lower BB shock mount. The higher shock mount puts the boost can too close to the seatpost tube and the valve won't allow it to bolt up due to it fouling. But the ability to change the boost can pressure will make it heaps better to ride on.

Some people have been puting smaller cans on the 5.0's But I don't know exatly how it's implemented. But I sort of understand the principal behind it.

There are a couple of really good threads on MTBR and one that I'm aware of on Rotorburn.

Also, quite a lot of people run the DHX 5.0 coil and say it is much better suited to the Enduro than the air is. but the weight penelty is the only down side unless you run a titanium spring.

I hope that helps.

I upgraded the wooden feeling shock on my 05 Stumpy (120 travel as opposed to Enduro 150mm travel)
Went to an 09 RP23 (on Delicious' recommendation)
It transformed the bike
Whatever shock you choose, it's money well spent

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