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Michael Schumacher unveiled as Top Gear's 'Stig'

By jpack - Posted on 22 June 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Michael Schumacher unveiled as Top Gear's 'Stig'

Not bicycle related but very important!!!


Really? It's well known that the original 'black' Stig was sacked for admitting who he was. There has been long time speculation it's actually a well known stunt driver, see here:

I find it hard to admin MS has been doing it all these years - where would he have found the time with all his other commitments?

Big fan of the UK show and I cannot believe this... yes where would he have found the time when he was still a F1 driver?

Apparently some people claim they used MS to be able to have the Ferrari for the lap time because Ferrari won't let anyone drive them.


Why would they reveal it? The whole appeal was not knowing who he was.

Guys! Do you really believe anything they say on Top Gear?

When the Stig jumped the snow ramp in the winter Olympics edition was that MS?

I reckon there are many drivers they use as the Stig depending on who they can get and who would be good at the particular task. The Germans vs Brits Stig driver was clearly something special, perhaps a driver for Aston's Le Mans team, although in this case certainly not MS unless he now considers himself a pom.

MS getting booked for speeding in the Super 7? Hardly. Anyone that has been on a film day will know that most of it is spent sitting around, MS doesn't come cheap. He might have done some but certainly not nearly all.

After the show a BBC spokeswoman could not confirm whether or not Schumacher was the genuine Stig, or a stunt to mark the first episode of a new series of Top Gear. But she added: "You have to bear in mind that Top Gear is an entertainment programme."

I think that about says it all.

Apparently it's quite an obvious hoax when the whole episode is viewed.

It's not EXACTLY a hoax. They could have been using him for part of the last season and/or this season, so technically he is 'the Stig'. But yes, it IS highly unlikely he's been the Stig the entire time.





Isn't that what this Off Topic forum is for?!

Apparently its a guy called Ben Collins from Bristol in the UK.

Would be surprised if it was MS.

He's mentioned in that article I posted:

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