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Brindabella Challenge MTB Endurance Race

By shano - Posted on 15 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys

Just looking to see if anyone is keen to head to Canberra for a weekend possibly in early December....and have some fun..last year was 60km point to point...
I am thinking of doing it again this year ( so I did it by myself last year) would be great to have some company at the pub afterwards... ; )

for more 'fo try

Is it the same timing as last year? ie the day before the Urban Polaris?
I'm pretty sure my hubby and I will be keen to come along - babysitters being available and all.

there are a whole bunch of MTBing events.

I am keen for the Urban...

Shane, which weekend and which race/ride? I could be pushed into doing the Epic on the 9th of Dec.....only cause I can think of nothing better to do on my birthday!

All I have to do is convince the other half that its a great idea.


Ok so its not an Endurace race as such but is sure to be an unforgettable epic ride!
Sambo I am game if your game! Sounds like a great way to celebrate your b'day too!
This event is on the weekend after many other events held as part of the Brindabella Challenge!

I should very much like to hit the trails on the 9th December and enjoy the ride and see whats happening down in the ACT especially Mount Stromlo Forest Park!

There are 2 options of the epic ride....the first is to ride up the hill and back down (what I love to do..) or the ride down only option equally fun but not so great for cracking a sweat!

See you there!

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