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The most (anti ?) social ride this year

By Bikeboy - Posted on 02 July 2009

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Monday, 6 July, 2009 - 16:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Sparrow Hill
Meeting Point: 

Coming from Sydney, drive into Queenbeyan, turn left at the roundabout where Red Rooster is and stay on this road for about 11km. Park on the side of the road where the gate is. For better directions try this link CORC: Events: Race Venues.

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I have to be an optimistic bugger , or perhaps i should just face facts , i have no friends here .... but thats ok , i can ride into the sunset at Sparrow hill to my hearts content building a platform on my way to glory at the Scott 24 in October in our very competitive team El Rancho Relaxo . My plan tonight is to ride for about two hours here and get a feed ( red rooster , why change) and scoot off to Stromlo for a standard Green Loop flyer ( working on a sub 40 min night lap ) and then try to beat it for another one ... Any takers ??

Very important note !!!

It can get bloody cold at night here so bring plenty of warm gear ( as i am writing this the App temp is 1.4 deg), oh yeah and fully charged lights too

See you there


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Bikeboy Short on conversation but a good workout anyway After consulting the riders who turned up ... um me ... it was decided unanimously that a move to Stromlo was in order ( spooky forest alone syndrome at Sparrow ) . After Saturdays OTB fest , ok i went over only once , a cruisey twilight lap was...

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the rate you are posting these hopeful rides that Morgan insists on not attending (even though he lives down there,) I am thinking, I need to see some of my advertisers in Canberra eventually, so you may have company one day...

i will look forward to it , and then i can say that at least someone turned up to a ride . The kangaroo's are lacking in the conversation department latley ....

How did i get here ?

Bad news:

I've got a new job starting in 2 weeks so no more weekday rides.

I'll have to get up at 7am instead of 10 from a fortnight.

My Zinn frame needs to go back to the US and my hardtail is in storage for another 3 months so I'll be off the bike for the rest of winter (NB in Canberra this is considered good news.)

Good news:

I've now got a job so I can pay for any repairs the Zinn needs outside of warranty.

I'm now only going to be able to ride at night during the week so I will be joining Bikeboy on future rides in spring.

Only another 27 years until I can retire.

When you get organised , throw your name on one of my rides and , since you are now a local we can explore some of the out of the way trails there at Stromlo

How did i get here ?

.. just it looks like you have some mates Smiling

but in my mind there are allways friends on my rides in Canberra or is that just the voices playing up
Still it would be good to have SOMEONE turn up soon !!!

How did i get here ?

I have to be in Goulburn on 10 July and may look at heading to Canberra for the afternoon to ride.

I think i'll be around canberra this weekend... warning very slow at the moment..

Turning up this afternoon .....Please SMS to ensure we all meet up and dont leave anyone behind . Also anyone turning up who feels like they may hold the group up , dont worry as its a bloody slow group anyway ...

How did i get here ?

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