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Bottled Water is Bad

By Rob - Posted on 09 July 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Seen this?

Bundanoon has banned bottled water, planning to place free water fountains in the streets instead.

Go Huw! Now if only the NSW gov. would follow you on a few other issues. Eye-wink


Yeah it's great news isn't it. Well done to Huw and Co.

Just like the drinking thing in Manly corso? Excellent idea. Buy a stainless steel drink bottle for $20 and enjoy free water!

As long as you can get a beer! Smiling

My god, of all the stupid thing I have ever heard.

Little Mrs. Smith on her three yearly trip into the southern highlands calls into one of the four shops that sells drinks in Bundernoon to find they no longer sell bottled water.

So she then buys a plastic bottle of Coke/Solo/Fanta????

If the world was fair dinkum about plastic bottles ...ban them and return to glass, made from silica not oil and truly recyclable.

And I’m not a greeny


The public are stupid and must be edukated Sticking out tongue

Come on... give a little credit. Do some research on the topic and you will discover that bottled water is bad for numerous reasons. It's not just the plastic, but that's a good place to start.

What you say about glass is probably true.

Obviously What people are meant to do is bring their own re-usable container (don't tell me you haven't got a zillion in the cupboard) and use the free fountains when it's empty.

....the banning concept is fine for the 100 locals and our fling weekend riders as we can bring a reuseable bottle.

BUT the rest of the population passing through buys drinks in many bottle styles.

for the record, my family drinks Sydney tap water (Un –filtered)

If it makes bundernoon feel nice and fussy then credit to them.


PS: I buy beer in glass bottles

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