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Where you can start and finish in the same place.

Bruce Ridge Singletrack & firetrail

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Bruce Ridge

A lap of the perimeter single track at Bruce Ridge with the fire trail added on to the end.

Kowan Loop with some single track

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Kowen Forest

A long loop around Kowan starting in the West. Mostly firetrail but with some single track in places.

Kowan Firetrail Loop

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Kowen Forest

A loop around Kowan West starting from the entrance by Sutton Road.

Mont '07 Circuit

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Majura Pines

The well known (to those riding this for 24 hours!) course used for the 2007 Mont.

Recording of a practice lap:

Not much vertical in this, Paul's Pinch and the following off camber downhill section is the trickiest part from a technical angle. Run down to the start/finish easily the pick for fun stuff.

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